Types of Abortion Procedures

Abortion Is a Painful Experience for Every Woman

Here you can read about different types of abortion procedures. Length of the pregnancy is the main factor in making the choice. We will say more about these procedures in the following text.

Basically, there are three options. There can be an abdominal surgery or the instruments that are inserted via the cervix can be used.

The third option is the elimination of the unborn child with drugs, and after this, the  child is delivered due to induced labor. Exact gestation and date of the pregnancy is very important and this can be determined with a sonogram.

The First Trimester

The first trimester is the time when a woman can choose between three abortion procedures. Those are Methotrexate & Misoprostol, or MTX, Mifepristone and Misoprostol and Suction Aspiration. The first procedure is done during the initial seven weeks of the pregnancy and the second during the period from seven to nine weeks.  The other names for the Mifepristone and Misoprostol procedure are Mifeprex, abortion pill and RU-486. The first two are medical abortion procedures while the third is surgical. Suction Aspiration, or vacuum aspiration and suction curettage, is a common procedure among women in the twelfth week of pregnancy. It is done under general or local anesthesia and an instrument called suction curette is used. This instrument is a hollow tube with an edged end, which is attached to a vacuum machine.  It enters through the womb and destroys the placenta and the fetus that are then sucked out.

The Second Trimester

During the second trimester, only surgical procedures are available and they are Dilation & Curettage, or D&C, Dilation & Evacuation or D&E, and Induction abortion, or Salt Injection. The first procedure is done during the period from the thirteenth to fifteenth week of pregnancy. It involves the use of an instrument called curette, which looks like a hooked knife. This instrument is used to cut the fetus into pieces that are then removed from the cervix and thrown away. The Dilation & Evacuation is done during the period from the fifteenth to twenty-first week of pregnancy. The skull of the fetus must be crushed and the spine snapped before the extraction of the fetus part by part takes place. Salt injection is a procedure that involves the administration of a strong salt solution into the sac of the baby. This solution will burn the skin of the baby and kill it within one hour.  The delivery will start in the next 24 hours and a dead baby will be delivered.

The Third Trimester

During the third trimester there are few abortion options and these are Cesareans section, or Hysterectomy, Induction Abortion, or Prostaglandin Chemical Abortion, and Dilation and Extraction, or the Partial-Birth Abortion. Induction abortion uses prostaglandin, which is inserted into the vagina, causing strong contractions that usually kill the baby, and pushes it thought the birth canal. The procedure called Cesarean Section involves elimination of the baby’s oxygen supply, by cutting the umbilical cord, causing the suffocation. This is done through the mother’s abdominal wall. The last procedure done during the third trimester is Partial-Birth Abortion and during this procedure surgeon uses forceps to get hold of the baby and push it through the birth canal. The skull of the baby will then be opened with scissors, brain sucked out via suction device and this will lead to the baby’s skull to collapse.

We are aware that this is painful to read, but those are the ways abortions are done.

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