What is trustedinstaller.exe? This is the Windows Module Installer program for Windows Vista. trustedinstaller.exe running is random, and it consumes as much as 100 % of CPU. This can make your computer performance considerably slower. CPU consumption is exactly what users are complaining about. trustedinstaller.exe is important for Windows Vista for many reasons, so it has a kind of “authority” to consume as much of the resources as needed. Some users find this annoying.

Problems with High CPU Usage

There are several things you can do to solve this problem.

• Go to the Start menu and choose Control Panel.
• Select the classics view.
• Choose Problem reports and solutions
• Click on “clear solution and problem history”
• Confirm and exit

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Another thing you can try is changing Microsoft Update Settings to manual.

• Go to the Start Menu and access Control Panel.
• Go to Administrative Tools and choose Services.
• Right-click on Microsoft update and choose Stop.
• Another right-click on Microsoft update to select Properties.
• Find the General tab and change the Start up type to Manual.

You can also try disabling automatic update. This could solve the problem.

• Go to the Start menu and access Control Panel
• Find “System and Maintenance”
• Click on “Turn automatic update on/off” to disable it
• You can choose between several options regarding when and how to install the updates.

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