Top Ten Most Beautiful Men in the World

This list of top ten most beautiful men in the world is only a suggestion. We all know that tastes are different, so we don’t expect you to agree with us. You can suggest any man to be on this list, and we will be happy to hear your opinion. However, there is one thing we are quite certain about: you will definitely agree with us when it comes to the first position on the list. We are almost certain you will find our choice for the man number one quite correct. The list is bellow, for the girls to enjoy.

Top Ten Most Beautiful Men

10 – Jay Hernandez – you could see him in “Nothing like the Holidays”, “Hostel” and “Lakeview Terrace”.  Latin look, dark hair, dark eyes, nice lips….well, he is handsome, isn’t he?

9 – Christian Bale – you can watch this guy doing stunts in “Terminator”, or just watch him in “Public Enemies” and “Salvation”. He has the specific charm that reveals an actual personality, unlike many other men who are mostly nothing but a nice face and plenty of muscles.

8 – Ryan Reynolds – most of the fans agree he is quite handsome. And we can take that.

7- George Clooney – you can see him in many movies. You can see him anywhere, actually: commercials, movies, billboards, magazines… And it is nice to see him, isn’t it?

6 – Johnny Depp – still a heartbreaker. Girls used to be crazy about him when he started his career, but that never stopped. Women all over the world are mad about him. Besides, he is a great actor and has a lot of talents, which makes him even more attractive.

5 – Jonathan Rhys Meyers – He had a great performance in “the Tudors”. Well, to be honest, he would probably have a great performance anywhere. He has something more than just physical appearance.

4 – Pierce Brosnan – not really a dream of every woman, but he is handsome! As we said, tastes are different. Perhaps you wouldn’t be attracted to certain type of men, but you can not deny good looks, can you?

3 – Brad Pitt – you will probably find him on every list. We have to show some respect for that fact, so we will put him on our list, too.

2 – Anthony Kiedis – this guy is really something, isn’t he? When you see him, you may get the impression that he is a wild guy, but when you hear him, he sounds like an emotional and romantic person, actually. Anthony has both a boy’s charm and a man’s charm. If you listen to him long enough, you may fall in love.

1- Your Man – the number one is always reserved for your own man. These nine men are great, but they are incomparable to your man, right? The most beautiful man is the one you truly love. And we just know you will agree.

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