Top Ten Greatest Boxers of All Time List

Here you can read and comment the top ten greatest boxers of all time list. We will not use any numbers here. It just wouldn’t be right. These guys are so great and it is impossible to tell which one of them is the best. However, we will mention several of them, who became world known for their boxing. So, here is the list.

Top Ten Greatest Boxers

Muhammad Ali – the “greatest”. Incredible in every possible way. Full of energy, exciting, dynamic, flawless! Ali is actually his other name. He changed his name and accepted other religion, refused to go to war and kill people, said that very loudly and became even greater! He was accused of being a non-patriot and was imprisoned for that. However, he was back after three years and managed to remain the best! He was active until he turned thirty nine. Today, this man is a legend.

Joe Louis – “The Brown Bomber” was another legendary boxer. He was truly amazing. Power, strength, flawless moves and courage. He remains an icon.

Jack Johnson – a kind of controversial character, flawless fighter, but also an arrogant opponent. He used to humiliate other fighters and this was something he was well known for. However, people loved watching his fights.

Sugar Ray Robinson – not only he was a remarkable fighter, but he was also quite a good looking guy. Women loved watching him fighting as well. Robinson also liked dancing and singing and he was doing it equally good as boxing! He defeated many great names on his way to the top, where he has stayed for a long time.

Jack Dempsey – a man who has marked the history of boxing in the United States. This wild guy was known for being impulsive, extraordinarily fast and fatal. His fight against Gene Tunney was one of the most profitable fights in the U.S. boxing history.

Mike Tyson – certainly the most controversial boxer of all time. OK, he was extreme, too aggressive, there were even some rumors that he used to beat his wife…But it is boxing we are talking about here! And that is something you just cannot deny! His boxing has always been spectacular. Mike Tyson was also the youngest heavyweight champion.

Rocky Marciano – famous for his hard punch, he will be remembered in the world of boxing.

Julio C. Chavez – ten years of boxing and not a single loss, can you imagine that?

Henry Armstrong Jr. – considered one of the greatest personalities of the past century.

Willie Pep – had 241 fights and only 12 losses. Some consider this a record. The fact that he won seventy three fights in row, speaks for itself

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