Top Ten Beaches in the World

Here is the list of top ten beaches in the world. If you are planning to visit some beautiful place and to forget about all your problems, take a look at our list and make your decision. No matter which destination you choose, you won’t be wrong. These places are known worldwide.

Top Ten Beaches in the World List

Biarritz Beach

This beach is especially visited by surfers. If you like surfing, you will love this place. It is located in France, near Bayonne. Originally, this beach was a playground and a place for entertainment, used by monarchs and aristocrats.

However, today this is the most beautiful beach in France. If you visit this beach during summer, you will probably see some of the jet-set people there. Hotels and other accommodation near this place are also great, but you will have to spend considerable amount of money for this pleasure.

Matira Beach

Matira is located in Bora Bora, French Polynesia. The water is amazing, so as the sand and beautiful landscape. You will see numerous lagoons all around you. This beach is very romantic, so if you are going to your honeymoon, this is the best place to visit. Some people visit this beach just for special occasions, like proposals, celebrations and anniversaries. The trip will cost you, but it will be worth the money. If you have money to spend, this is the right place to visit.

Clifton beach

Clifton beach is located in Cape Town. This is one of the most popular jet-set beaches. Jet set people from all over the world come to spend the summer here and enjoy beautiful nature and exclusive accommodation. This place is a symbol of glamour. Clifton beach is actually composed of four beaches. However, the fourth beach is probably the most popular.

Trunk Bay

Trunk bay is one of the most beautiful beaches of Caribbean. If you want to visit the Caribbean, this is the place for you.

Paradise Beach

Paradise beach is named after its beauty. The water is incredibly blue and clear, so you can see tiny fish swimming around. It is located in Greece, Mykonos. Paradise beach is one of the most popular destinations in this country. It has a lot of fun to offer.

Plage Malendure

This beautiful beach is located in West Indies, in Guadeloupe. The sand is soft, but it is dark in color. Water temperature is very good, and the water is clear. If you want to see a beach that is different from all other beaches, you should definitely come here.

Tulum Beach

This beach is located in Mexico. This beach is known for limestone rocks and beautiful sand. The beach is very wide, so if you feel like you need some space, this is where you will be able to relax and enjoy.

Poipu Beach

It is located in Hawaii. If you visit this place, you will see other attractions, like Waimea Canyon, Na Pali coast, and many more.

Sanibel Island has beautiful beaches. It is located in the Gulf of Mexico, Florida. Families love spending vacations there. Your kids will love the wild life!

Position 10 is reserved for your own favorite beach. If you have any suggestions, feel free to share them here!

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