Top Rock Songs of All Time

Making a list of top rock songs of all time is not an easy task. There are so many great rock songs – probably thousands of them. We will mention just some of them. We hope you will find your favorites here. If not, feel free to suggest more songs!

Top Rock Songs of All Time

• Well, this is the most difficult part. We have to start with one song, but it is hard to pick just one. Any song played by the Doors deserves to be at the very beginning of this list. Let us mention just some of them: Break on Through, Soul Kitchen, Five to One, Shaman’s Blues, The Soft Parade, Peace Frog, Love Her Madly, L.A.Woman, Love Me Two Times, Light My Fire, Touch Me, Universal Mind, Build Me a Woman, When the Music’s Over, Who Scared You, Riders on the Storm, and others. Every song that Jim has ever sung sounded perfect.

• Then, there are the Beatles. Free as a Bird, Paperback Writer, Don’t Let Me Down, Get Back, Day Tripper, SGT Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, Strawberry Fields Forever, and Come Together – are just some of their famous songs that are still loved worldwide. You will notice that some of these songs are not “pure rock”. We all know how the Beatles loved experimenting and mixing various genres.

• The Rolling Stones have made some really great songs. We simply don’t know where to start. Time Is on My Side, I Can’t Get No Satisfaction, Paint It Black, Start Me Up, Jumpin’ Jack Flash, Waitin’ on a Friend and Love Is Strong – are some of our favorites.

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• Led Zeppelin simply has to be on this list. Stairway to Heaven, Babe I’m Gonna Leave You and Thank You are just several perfect songs.

• Nirvana, with “Nevermind” found its place here. Also, all of the songs played at “Unplugged in New York” sounded perfect, don’t you think? Kurt’s unique performance will be remembered forever.

• Queen is here, too! If you love Queen, you probably know that it is impossible to pick just several songs. We don’t have enough space to put them all here, so we will just say – all of their songs are great and deserve to be on this list.

• Janis Joplin must not be forgotten, with all of her songs. Piece of My Heart, Move Over, Half Moon, and other Janis’ songs still sound fresh.

• If you like some new sound, here it is: The White Stripes. These two people really know how to play. Seven Nation Army, the Denial Twist, Take, Take, Take and The Hardest Button to Button are just some of their best songs.

• Bob Dylan’s “Like a Rolling Stone” is one of our favorites. Don’t you love this one?

• AC/DC are here, too, with Highway to Hell, Have a Drink on Me, and many other songs.

• Dire Straits must be mentioned, too. Money for Nothing and Brothers in Arms certainly deserve to be here. We would put other songs, too, but we’re running out of space…

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