Top 5 Scary Movies of All Time

If you like scary movies read our list of top 5 scary movies of all time and share your opinion. If you have any better suggestions, feel free to share them! We have made our list, in despite of all the troubles, since it was hard to pick just five of them. Here they are:

Top 5 Scary Movies

“Rosemary’s Baby” – this is a masterpiece directed by a legend – Roman Polanski. He is famous worldwide for making great movies. What makes him different from all other directors is a specific and recognizable atmosphere he manages to create in every movie.

Realistic and truly scary stories, great actors and music, all together make his movies masterpieces. Every film he makes delivers a good point to the viewer. It is not just another scary movie, but also a good story to think about.

“Psycho” – is a classic that has entered a history of cinematography and has become a legend. Being black and white only contributes to all the creepiness and tense atmosphere in the movie. You have probably seen it. If you have not, you definitely should.

“The Thing” – is certainly one of the scariest movies ever. Of course, it is more than just a scary movie. It is full of tension and very creepy scenes. If you watch it today, it will probably seem to you like it is one of the modern scary movies, filmed a few years ago. However, this movie was actually made three decades ago! Can you believe it?

“The Exorcist” – is another masterpiece. There are remakes of “The Exorcist” that are also great, but the classic old version seems to hold the title of the scariest version ever. It is scary, but it also explicitly shows the difference between the dark and bright side of the human nature. It also shows the strength of good in people, as well as evil in them.

“Jacob’s Ladder” – this is not a typical horror movie. It deals with psychology and other mental issues, traumas and truly horrible images and scenes in one’s mind. Traumatic experiences, disturbing thoughts, mares, hopeless feeling – are all perfectly shown in this movie. Tim Robbins is great in every film, but it seems like this movie was made for him. His face shows all the suffering one could ever imagine. It is not hard to be compassionate about the main character and feel all the horror he goes through.

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