Top 5 Most Beautiful Cities in the World

The list of top 5 most beautiful cities in the world is not easy to make. Tastes are different and there are so many beautiful cities in the world. It is truly hard to decide which one should be the first on the list, so we will consider them equally amazing, regardless of the position they occupy on the list.

Paris – a city with long tradition; the city of arts, beauty and romance. Some of the greatest artists in history came from Paris or came to Paris to do their arts. Many of them are buried in Paris and their works of art are preserved here. Paris is synonym for romance, love and inspiration. Paris monuments, museums and the Eiffel tower are just some of its trademarks.

Cape Town – beautiful nature by day and thousands of lights by night make this city one of the most beautiful places and most attractive tourist destinations. If you haven’t visited Cape Town, you definitely should.

London – tradition and specific English style make this city real special. There are so many historical monuments and museums to see there. London weather is not so shiny, but you will still be delighted by its beauty.

Venice – equally romantic as Paris, this city on water is among most visited destinations when it comes to tourism. If you like traveling, you have probably visited Venice at least once in your life. This is a perfect place for a romantic holiday. If you want to surprise someone you love – take him/her to Venice – it will be a holiday to remember.

New York City – there are probably no words to describe New Your City, so you will just have to visit it! Make sure to spend enough time there to see all the important places. Well, at least some of them, since New York is so big and full of life, that it would probably take much time to see everything. Something is always happening in New York City, so the time of your arrival is quite irrelevant!

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