Top 10 Most Expensive Shoes in the World

What are the top 10 most expensive shoes in the world? It is commonly believed that women are greater fans of shoes than man are. However, there are men who love shoes, especially snickers and they are willing to buy them at any price. So, how much money is too much to give for shoes? Let us find out what the top 10 most expensive shoes are.

Top 10 Most Expensive Shoes

1 – Number one shoes on our list are Ruby Slippers (Harry Winston). If you want a pair of those, you will just have to pay some 3 million dollars. Judy Garland used to wear these shoes. She was one of the first great stars to wear those shoes and make them even more desirable.

2 – The second place goes to Rita Hayworth Heels. These shoes have the same price as Ruby Slippers. The creator is Stuart Weitzman, who used very expensive materials and stones to make them more beautiful and more expensive!

3Tanzanite Heels (Stuart Weitzman) that you can buy for a little less money than the previous two. They cost around two million dollars. They are decorated with diamonds and tanzanite. Heels are also decorated with platinum diamonds.

4Ruby Slippers by Stuart Weitzman are next on the list. You can buy them for a little more than a million and a half.

5Platinum Guild by Stuart Weitzman – are on the fifth place with the price of million and a hundred. Again, the diamonds are a girl’s best friends, so it is no wonder why all of those expensive shoes are decorated with diamonds. Platinum Guild Stilettos are no exception.

6Retro Rose by Stuart Weitzman – for a price of one million.

7 – Place number seven belongs to the famous shoes used in the “Wizard of Oz”. Those are Ruby Slippers, also decorated with exclusive and very expensive materials. The shoes were sold in 2000, for $ 666,000.

8Diamond Dream Stilettos (another Stuart Weitzman’s shoes) – if you are willing to pay $500,000 – they’re yours!

9Nizam Sikandar Jah – shoes with rather exotic name and exotic luxury. They were a royal symbol during the eighteenth century. Diamonds are used for decorating these shoes and they are believed to cost some $160,000.

10 – The place number ten goes to sports shoes. These are Diamond-Encrusted Custom Nike that cost around $50,000

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