Top 10 Best Wines in the World

Here is the list of top 10 best wines in the world. If you love wines, you probably know that it is hard to imagine a good dinner without a good wine. Some wines are very expensive. If we assume that the quality of any wine is closely related to its price – we will be right. The best wines in the world are very expensive. Most of them are very old and all of them are famous for their quality. The list has no numbers, since all of these wines are exclusive and luxurious.

Top 10 Best Wines

–  Chateau Lafite – this wine will cost you nearly $161,000. If you have a lot of money, this may sound quite affordable to you; however, for the rest of us, this is quite a price. One of these bottles now belongs to the collection of Forbes. The bottle is also exclusive. You can see the initials of Thomas Jefferson on the bottle.

–  Chateau d Yquem – wine that can be bought for almost $57,000. Actually, that was the price from 1986, when the wine was sold. Another “Thomas Jefferson” bottle, containing one of the most exclusive wines in the world.

–  Chateau Mouton Rothschild – you can buy a bottle of this wine for $115,000. This price was paid for this wine in 1997.

–  Romanee Conti – This costs around $28,000.

–  Massandra Sherry – really expensive! It costs a little more than $43,000. This winery was considered valuable during the Czarist Russia. However, it seems that it hasn’t lost its old glory.

–  Le Montrachet – if you are wiling to pay the price of nearly $24,000, you can have it!

–  Screaming Eagle – is considered the cheapest wine among these exclusive wines. It will cost you only $3,900.

Romanee-Conti from 1990 – will cost you some $5,900. The variety we have mentioned above is several times more expensive, but if you like Romanee Conti wines, you will be happy with the cheaper variety. This one is made to be affordable to wine lovers.

–  Screaming Eagle from 1992 – costs only $300 and it is made for people who like Screaming Eagle. You can afford it from time to time. If you are planning a really special event, this wine will help you make a romantic and classy atmosphere. However, Screaming Eagle Imperial was sold for a half of million back in 1992. The buyer was Chase Bailey. This was for charitable purpose, but still, this price was the highest ever.

Chateau Mouton Rothschild – another affordable wine, which you can buy for some $700.

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