The Smallest Country In The World

The world’s smallest country is the city of Vatican. It occupies 0.44 km2 in the middle of Rome, the Italian capitol. Being the smallest country is not the only curious thing about Vatican.

The country is so small that it doesn’t even have street addresses. It is the center of the Catholic Church. It was created in 1929, by Benito Mussolini with the Lateran Treaty. The ruler of Vatican is the Pope. He is also the head of the Catholic Church. Another interesting thing is that Vatican has no permanent citizens. Only people who work for the Catholic Church live there.

The economy of Vatican is based solely on contributions and gifts that they receive from believers and tourism. It has the oldest standing army in the world. It is called the Swiss Guard and it is made up from unmarried men from Switzerland and it has been so since 1506. At any time there are exactly 100 enlisted men guarding the Pope. Although its streets have no names, Vatican is a country with the highest number of letters sent per capita – more than 7100 letters a year! It has its own radio station which was built by Marconi personally.

Although the Vatican is publicly recognized as the smallest country in the world, there are countries which are trying to take over this title. Republic of Molossia, which is located near Dayton in Nevada has population of 6 and is occupying an area of a half hectare. It has its own laws, postal service and currency.

Kevin Baugh is the president and has ruled this country for 32 years. Although this country stands on the American soil its citizens do not pay federal taxes and it has its own power grid so it is completely independent.

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