The Smallest Cat in the World

The smallest cat in the world is Mr. Peebles who officially holds the world record. He is fifteen cm long two-year old cat and can actually get into a glass! Today he is famous for being small, but it hasn’t always been that way. His previous owner didn’t love him very much because of this. So he found the home at Mrs. Sassman. She was touched by his smallness instantly and asked the cat’s owner if she could keep the cute little cat.

The chances for Mr. Peebles to grow are equal to zero. Has hasn’t grown a millimeter for over a year and a half! When he was still a kitten, it was king of natural for him to be small, but he remained small. He is a two-year old cat with the size of a very small kitten! A veterinarian says that his smallness is a result of a genetic disorder and that this cannot be corrected or changed by any medical measures. But it doesn’t have to be changed, for Mr. Peebles is a quite healthy cat regardless to his size.

And considering the title he is holding, there is no need for him to grow any larger than he is now. His owner is delighted to have him for a pet. She really takes a good care of him and he seems to be aware of it. According to what Mrs. Sassman says, he is a very loyal and loving cat. He even sleeps in the same bed with his owners. Though, they certainly have to be very careful so they don’t hurt him! He can not catch any mice, but why would he, anyway? He already has what any cat can only dream about: warm home, his owner’s love and care and he is world famous!

One Response to “The Smallest Cat in the World”

  1. Yvonne S Ewins Hammon says:

    Looking this up due to my little small cat She is now 6months old and has now grown for 3 mo
    now is 3 inches high and only 1/4 pound I was looking at how many cat are like this not too many
    Named her poptart fits her well she also can get into places that only a cat would like wish I could talk to Mr peebles owner. As he is a male cat … if they read this call 9517332867.
    She is much smaller then a ginnie pig more hamster size now

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