The Invention of the Telephone


Who Invented the Telephone?

The invention of the telephone was one of the most important inventions in history. The telephone is definitely the most popular communication means, used worldwide. The invention of the telephone has changed the world. When it comes to design and structure of the telephone, numerous modifications have been made. Let us find out more about the invention of the telephone. Alexander Graham Bell is the man who invented the telephone. The word “telephone” is believed to be composed of the words “tele” (far) and “phone” (sound). Both of the words come from Greek.

The Invention of the Telephone

♦ This is one of the greatest inventions ever. Alexander Graham Bell created the model and other inventions that came after the Bell’s model highly contributed to the telephone invention.

♦ Johann Philipp Reis realized that sound transmission through electricity is a good solution. He built an apparatus that transmitted sound, also known as the Reis telephone.

♦ Meucci, a scientist from Italy, constructed the telephone and first demonstrated this device in Havana. Many people still consider Meucci to be the inventor of the telephone.

♦ Bell was certainly the one who started this process. He was a professor, interested in sound. He was trying to invent a telegraph that could operate by sending signals and multiple messages. He came up with the idea of using electricity to transmit sound. In his 1875 experiment, he heard the clock sound through the wire. After this, Bell and his assistant, Thomas Watson, started experimenting in order to make a device that could transmit sound.

♦ It was 1876 when Bell called his assistant using the phone. He asked him to come to the room and Watson heard him very well on the other side. The March 10 was officially accepted as the day of the telephone invention.

♦ Elisha Gray was working on a similar project, at the same time when Bell was. So, there are still people who argue that Elisha Gray was the one who should be credited. In fact, there is only a few hours difference between Bell’s and Gray’s invention. It is still unclear who made it first, but Bell was the first to file the patent for his invention.

♦ After the telephone invention, a lot of work has been done in order to popularize the device. As with other new things, it took some time. However, when people started realizing how useful this device was, they started accepting it. The first cordless phone was invented in 1965. This was another technology wonder, so as the mobile phone that came in 1983.

♦ Today, many of us believe that life without a telephone is almost impossible. Considering how fast and busy our lives are, this can be true. However, face to face conversation and close contacts are still irreplaceable. You can send a beautiful SMS or you can say many nice things on the phone – but it cannot be compared to looking into a person’s eyes or a touch.

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