The “Ex Files” – Removing Them Broadens Your Chances to Move On

If you haven’t thought about it yet, here is the opportunity for you to question yourself a bit and maybe help your self; when it comes to your love life, your ex and the “ex” files – removing them broadens your chances to move on with your life. If you have terminated the relationship that meant a lot to you, it could be difficult for you to move on.

In some cases it takes more time. Some people simply need to be alone after they had experienced a disappointment. Others find it easier to deal with if they are not alone, so they just find someone else to spend their time with. No matter which group you belong to – you will have to let go of your past relationship eventually. Knowing this, it is better for you to do it as soon as possible.

If you have found a new partner, try to take him for serious. First, it is a matter of maturity and respect. You are not expected to fall in love instantly, but the new person in your life deserves your attention. First, you will get the chance to know the person and maybe you will find that he/she is really great. It could be the right one for you, you know. So pay your attention to her/his wishes, values, abilities, interests and other personality features. The second reason why you should concentrate to the new person is that he/she will occupy your thoughts and you will have less time to think about your previous relationship and waste your energy. Thinking of the past will get you nowhere – it will only make you feel hopeless – or it can spoil your present relationship. It can seriously affect your will and faith, not to say your social interactions and ability to manage your life.

Remove all the “ex” files. Remove the pictures, numbers, letters, e-mails and everything that reminds you of the past.  Don’t lie to your new partner about it. If you have really decided to move on, and the past means nothing to you – remove it and do not let it affect your life. If you claim that the past relationship means nothing to you, then do not keep these things. If you keep them, it means you still need them for some reason.

Sometimes it can get very unpleasant if you keep the “ex” files and your new partner sees them. We are not talking about jealousy. We are talking about your honesty with yourself and with your partner. We are also talking about your “psychical” fidelity, maturity and respect. If you are in love, you want to be the only one, don’t you? So that’s exactly what your partner feels if he/she is really serious with you. So remove the “ex” files and start concentrating to what you have in this very moment.

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