The Best Tattoos in the World

Here is an interesting article about the best tattoos in the world. Tattoo lovers, enjoy! A tattoo is an ancient art of decorating body by inserting  ink into the skin that changes the pigment of the skin permanently. Tattooing one’s body with decorative ink has been well known practice for centuries in almost every culture around the world. Different cultures use different forms of traditional body art. With time, this art has undergone many changes, like adoption of new techniques, mixing the new patterns with the old ones, use of electric tattoo machine and last but not the least, variety of colors and shades.

The Art of Tattooing

♦ The theory behind the art of tattooing is different in different cultures; for example, people in Cambodia and Thailand believed that Yantra tattoo with a certain print could save them from any evil; some tribes have been using tattoos to show their association or affiliation with the ones they love or respect. There are also some cultures that use tattoos for getting the spiritual peace and immunity to all the evils. A tattoo can be anything – from a simple image to a complex picture, even a portrait. Today, tattoo techniques are so good, that you can think of it as of a real art.

♦ Not all tattoos are related to something nice. Some of them were used for different purpose. During the Holocaust, people were forcibly tattooed by the Nazis for identification purpose in their camps. While some people get tattooed to show their close relation to any group or organization, others can have a tattoo as a mark that reminds them of war horrors and other bad events. That is why tattoo removal techniques are helpful today. You can remove any tattoo that you don’t want to have on your skin. Tattoos are permanent but it is possible to remove them by using laser treatments. Those who cannot bear the pain or cannot afford to spend money on getting a tattoo can always get a temporary tattoo, which is far easier to make and remove, and it is inexpensive. Some people have very sensitive skin, and tattoo ink can cause trouble in these cases, so they can also choose a temporary tattoo.

The Best Tattoos in the World

♦ Today, trends change very rapidly and it is no different with tattoos. People go for the best and the most attractive tattoos. The race to get the best tattoo has transformed into a competition. The problem is that trends change very fast, and the tattoos are permanent, so you cannot change them that easily. That is why temporary tattoos have become even more popular. Many people, especially teenagers, like the tribal tattoos, while girls mostly have flowers or other small images. This cannot be said for all girls, of course, since tastes are different. There are many tattoos of snakes, birds, fish scales or tigers. Some people prefer getting tattoos of dragons or similar pictures that have symbolic meanings. It all depends on your taste.

♦ It is very difficult to say which tattoo is the best in the world. Tastes are different, but we can try. There is a definition of good tattoo. A good tattoo must make some sense. It should be related to your life and your personality. It is great to have a unique tattoo that is different from others. The style and color will also depend on your own taste, but will be wise not to use too many colors. You can use different kinds of one or two colors. Shading can also look great and most of modern tattoos are done in this way. The quality of your tattoo will depend on the tattoo artist and his/ her skill. It is very important that you trust the person who will do the tattoo. There are some famous tattooists, who surely make the best tattoos in the world. If you go to them to get a tattoo, you will be very pleased with their work. They are not cheap, but they are the best! They are:

– Nick Baxter
– Aaron Cain
– Bob Tyrrell
– Paul Booth
– Carson Hill
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