Symptoms of Low Estrogen Levels in Women

What are the symptoms of low estrogen levels in women? This is very important for every woman’s health. We will tell you more about the importance of estrogen and the symptoms of low estrogen levels. Estrogen levels usually decrease due to menopause. However, this can happen regardless of a woman’s age. Young women can have low estrogen levels, too. The symptoms of low estrogen levels are not the same for young women as in those in menopause. Estrogen is found in three forms: estrone, estriol and estradiol. In some women, these three forms of estrogen are not produced in sufficient amounts. Their levels can vary from woman to woman. If estrogen levels are abnormally high, it can indicate certain types of cancer, like adrenal or ovarian cancer.


Ovaries and adrenal gland produce estrogen. Production depends on a woman’s menstrual cycle. This hormone is responsible for female characteristics. Low estrogen can be caused by several factors. Genetics is important, too. Some diseases can cause low estrogen levels. Extreme physical activity and stress are also among the factors that cause low estrogen. Easting disorders and poor diet can affect a woman’s body and lead to low estrogen.

Low Estrogen Symptoms

In young women, the lack of menstruation is one of the most common symptoms. Low estrogen levels can lead to early menopause. Another common symptom of low estrogen is fatigue and night sweats. Insomnia, decrease in sex drive, forgetfulness and painful sexual intercourses are also reported by women with low estrogen levels. Menstruation irregularities are among the first symptoms of low estrogen. Other symptoms include headaches, bladder infections, mood swings, depression, sadness, irritability and bone problems. The last one (problems with bones) can indicate osteoporosis, which is seen in menopausal women. If a woman has difficulties in getting pregnant, this can be a sign that her estrogen levels are low.

If you are having any of theses symptoms, it will be good for you to see your doctor. He/she will run some tests and do some analyses to determine your estrogen levels. This is not a complicated procedure, but it can be very important for your health. If you detect this in time, your treatment will be more successful and it will take less time for your estrogen levels to get back to normal. Low estrogen levels can indicate various health problems, so it is important to find out what is wrong and start solving the problem.

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