Symptoms of Kidney Stones in Men

Here you can read about symptoms of kidney stones in men. This condition can be very painful. Kidney stones are seen in women, too, but it seems that men are more prone to this condition. Kidney stones can cause serious problems and severe pain. Here is some info on kidney stones symptoms, causes and treatment.

What are kidney stones? Kidney stones are formed in the urinary tract or in the kidneys. They are composed of hard mineral substances. Kidney stones can occur in any person older than 30 years, but men seem to be especially prone to kidney stones.

Sometimes, kidney stones are eliminated from the body through urine, but larger stones cannot be eliminated this way, so they cause severe pain.

What Are the Causes of Kidney Stones in Men?

Kidney stones can be caused by infections of the urinary tract, certain medications, or life style in general. People who don’t take enough fluids are at risk of developing kidney stones. Too much calcium can lead to kidney stones, but genetics can also play a role.

Men are more prone to this condition because their urinary tract is simply much different from that of females.

What Are the Symptoms of Kidney Stones in Men?

The first symptom that occurs in men with kidney stones is pain. This pain is extremely severe and sometimes it can get unbearable. The pain is located in the abdominal area. Fever and nausea are other symptoms of kidney stones. Sometimes, blood is found in the urine.

Kidney Stones Treatment

Kidney stones treatment will depend on the type and size of kidney stones. Small stones can be eliminated in a rather simple way. Consuming more fluids will be helpful. There are teas made just for this purpose. Larger stones require different treatment. First, the stones will be located by x-rays (sometimes ultrasound is used for this purpose) and then, the shock waves will be used for breaking the stones. The stones will be broken into small pieces, and then they will be eliminated in natural way, through the urine.

How to Prevent Kidney Stones

Kidney stones can be prevented if you drink sufficient amounts of water every day. Healthy life style will certainly have a role in preventing kidney stones. You should talk to your doctor about calcium-caused kidney stones and see if you can reduce your calcium intake. However, you must never stop consuming calcium-rich foods completely, because calcium is important for your body! The best you can do is talk to your doctor about this. There are some good home remedies for kidney stones. For example, some teas are used in kidney stones prevention and treatment, but you should consult your doctor about these products. It seems that potassium and magnesium are great for kidney stones prevention. You can consume foods that are high in magnesium and potassium, or you can talk to your doctor about supplements. You should check your health regularly, and if you experience any of the symptoms, you should contact your doctor.

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