Stroke Symptoms for Men

Here you can read about stroke symptoms in men. Let us first see how it happens. We all know that blood is extremely important for all living creatures. Blood must circulate normally all the time and all parts of the body must be supplied with blood. Sometimes, bloodstream can be disturbed and some body parts can get insufficient amounts of blood. If the brain doesn’t get enough blood, this can result in stroke. It leads to serious consequences, like loss of some brain functions. Therefore, this condition is extremely dangerous. The worst thing about stroke is that it happens suddenly and it is almost impossible to prevent, once it starts. Stroke is considered a medical emergency. Every second is important.

Stroke Symptoms in Men

• Stroke is caused by interrupted blood supply. Let us see what can cause these interruptions. Blood vessels blocking is the main cause. Stokes can be classified as ischemic and hemorrhagic. Ischemic stroke occurs because of blood vessels bursting. Hemorrhagic stroke occurs because of a blood cloth in one’s brain.

• Women seem to be more prone to strokes than men are. However, men should know more about stroke symptoms, since these are different from those in women. Let us learn more about stroke symptoms in men.

• Bad coordination is one of the first symptoms of stroke. A man can lose control over his body movements and he may fell dizzy.

• Decreased ability to speak and understand is also one of the symptoms of stroke. A man can lose his ability to concentrate, read, speak, and write.

• Headaches are also one of the first symptoms of stroke in men. These headaches are severe and they can occur in any part of the head.

• Numbness is also reported as one of the stroke symptoms. It can occur in any part of the body. It usually occurs in arms, legs and hands.

• Vision problems are also likely to occur.

How Is Stroke Treated

• Stroke is treated with medications or surgeries, depending on the case. Stroke treatment will depend on the causes and severity of the stroke.

• Stroke can be prevented! If you live healthy, you can prevent stroke. Healthy diet and healthy life style in general can be very important factors in preventing stroke. Stroke can be caused by high cholesterol levels in blood. Cholesterol can block blood supply, so you should avoid foods that contain cholesterol. Foods like fatty meat and junk foods should be avoided. Obesity and high cholesterol are usually related to each other, so if you are overweight, try losing some pounds.

• If you are a smoker or you consume alcohol (or you consume both alcohol and cigarettes), you should quit.

• Regular physical activity is beneficial, so you should start exercising. You don’t have to start jogging or swimming right away, but you can start going to relaxing long walks.

• Spend some time in fresh air. This will help your body relax and it will be good for your mind, too

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