Stem Cell Research Pros and Cons

Here you can read some stem cell research pros and cons. Stem cells can be defined as cells that are extremely important for development of any living organism. These cells are not specialized for any particular function, but they have the potential to make different types of cells. The cells created from stem cells are specialized for various functions in a human body. These are tissue cells, blood cells, muscle cells and brain cells. Therefore, we can conclude that stem cells are very important. These cells can be seen as the beginning of cells’ specialization.

Stem cells can be found in both adult bodies and fetuses, but it seems that the fetuses’ stem cells are more potent. Some stem cells can be used for replacing other damaged cells. Stem cells that come from embryos are created when a female egg is fertilized. This process lasts for five days, and results in cells that are very potent. They can be used for the purposes we mentioned.

Stem Cell Research

• Stem cell research includes investigation of cells that are used for further development of specialized cells. According to what most people think, these cells are taken from aborted fetuses. However, we have to tell you that fetuses are not the only stem cell source. Stem cells are also found in placenta and its blood. Blastocysts are also the source of stem cells. Blastocysts are human eggs that are fertilized, but they were never implanted into a female body.

Stem Cell Research Pros

• Stem cell research has provoked many debates and controversies. Perhaps this was expected, since stem cell research has been focused on cells from embryos. However, these researches have been improved, so other sources of cells were investigated. This actually means that stem cell research can be done without using embryos.

• It seems that there are some other pros of stem cell research. Certain diseases could be cured with the help from these cells. Various types of cancer, spinal cord problems, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and other diseases could be successfully treated and cured thanks to stem cells.

• Stem cell research seems to offer many possibilities.

Stem Cell Research Cons

• Of course, there are also some cons. Most people find in monstrous to use embryonic cells for this type of research. Abortion is believed to be a murder, so one can hardly think positively about this kind of research.

• If you believe that life starts at conception, there will be no way for you to see the bright side. Even if human eggs are fertilized in laboratory, this is a controversial issue. This is exactly one of the major pros of stem cell research.

• Even if these cells are taken from aborted fetuses, this is still considered monstrous. Most people find that it is a matter of moral and ethics. Others think that this kind of research can save people’s lives. What do you think? Do you think there are more pros or cons?

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