What is spoolsv.exe? This is a Windows file located in C/Windows/System 32 (or C/Winnt/System32). spoolsv.exe stands for “Spooler Subsystem”. spoolsv.exe is there to handle faxing and printing tasks. If you have seen it somewhere in your system, perhaps you are wondering what it is and whether it is a virus or other malicious program. The answer is no – spoolsv.exe is not a virus. This file can be corrupted by a Trojan, worm or some other virus, but this can happen with any other file. Viruses often use these files to conceal themselves, so you can’t spot them easily. However, you can locate the file you see running under the name “spoolsv.exe” and if you see it is running from C/Windows/System 32, this means it is a legitimate file. If you see other files that have the same name, but they are located elsewhere, you should scan our computer for viruses.

Removing spoolsv.exe can be stopped without causing any problems. It is safe to remove from the list of Task manager processes and this will not harm your computer in any way.

All you have to do is press Ctrl+Alt+Del and Task Manager window will show up on your screen. Go to “Processes” and mark spoolsv.exe, then just end the process by clicking on “end process”.

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Now, why would anyone want to end the process anyway? Well, it seems to waste your memory. This file uses a lot of your memory, so in some situations, it will be better to stop it.

If you still have some printer tasks to be done (they are in the Windows spool), you can remove them in a simple way. Go to Start, and then go to Control Panel. Find the Administrative tools and click there, and then go to Services. Find the Print Spooler and stop it.

Now, go to C/Windows/System 32. Delete every file you find in the Printer folder.

If you want to enable the process again, just go back to Services and enable it in the same way you disabled the process.

Your printer drivers are important, too. Your antivirus protection should be up-to-date. This is necessary for preventing the files from getting corrupted.

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