If you are wondering about what smss.exe is, read the following article. smss.exe stands for Session Management Subsystem. smss.exe is an execution file running in Windows. Its role is to start a user session. That is one of the reasons you first see smss.exe in situations when your system shuts down improperly. Where is smss.exe located? smss.exe is located in C/Windows/System32. If you find it somewhere else, that can be a sign of a virus infection. Many viruses and malicious programs use smss.exe to mask themselves. You may not see the difference, but the best you can do is determine the file’s location. As we said, if you detect a file named “smss.exe” anywhere but in C/Windows/System32, this can be malware. Scan your computer for viruses to see whether you have any infections in your system.

If smss.exe is located where it should be, that is a legitimate program and you must be careful not to delete it. smss.exe is an extremely important file for normal functioning of your operating system, so it should not be disabled. Never delete any files you are not certain about. If you don’t know what a file is used for and why it is there, don’t delete it before you find out its purpose. If you have a problem and don’t know how to solve it, call a professional and ask for some help.

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Here is one example of Trojan pretending to be smss.exe file. This Trojan is also known as Flood F. It poses a serious threat to your system security. This Trojan is capable of stealing some important data from your computer, like credit card information, for example. Flood F is commonly used for stealing other people’s identity information and similar frauds.

There are several ways to get rid of Trojans. You can remove them by using antivirus software, but again, be careful not to delete any legitimate files. smss.exe is one of the important files and deleting it can result in errors and malfunction in your operating system.

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