What is smax4pnp.exe? This process is included in the SMaxPNP application, which was created by Analog Devices Inc., for ASUS Motherboards audio devices that are compatible with SoundMax.

Where Is smax4pnp.exe Located?

smax4pnp.exe is located in C/Program Files/Analog Devices/SoundMax/. Sometimes it can be placed in C/Program Files/Analog Devices/Core/. The process startup registry is smax4pnp. If you detect any file with the same name but located elsewhere, you should scan your computer for viruses.

Malicious programs sometimes use smax4pnp.exe to camouflage themselves. Since the name is nearly the same, you won’t be able to see the difference, but you can see where the file is running from. If it is running from any other location (other than C/Program Files/Analog Devices/SoundMax/ or C/Program Files/Analog Devices/Core/), it may be a virus.

smax4pnp.exe is one of the processes running in the background. Its control center is included in the control panel of the SoundMax.

As we said, smax4pnp.exe is necessary for normal functioning of the SoundMax Control Center. Its role is controlling the environmental effects included in this application.

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This process is not an essential process and your system can work properly even without smax4pnp.exe. Therefore, you can disable this process. If you disable it, it will not cause any problems to audio devices, but the environmental effects will not work. In fact, if you don’t use SoundMax, you don’t really need smax4pnp.exe.

How to Remove smax4pnp.exe

♦ Press CTRL+ALT+DEL. This will open the Task manager. Go to “Processes” and find the smax4pnp.exe. Click the end process button.

♦ Go to “Start” and then “Search”.

♦ Choose to search all files and folders. Search for smax4pnp.exe. If you can’t find any, it means that you have removed the file completely.

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