Smallest House in the World for Sale

It was April 2010 when we heard interesting news about the smallest house in the world for sale which was only forty-seven feet long! We will share this interesting story with you. This house is already famous all over the world and there are many people who like this kind of minimalism.

Although you may ask “What is there to like?”, some people believe that it is very convenient for living since it requires less work when it comes to maintaining. Also, the costs of living in the small space are considerably lower. Maybe there is no too much space, but if you are creative, you can manage the space wisely and use what you have!

This little house in not merely a construction that resembles a home – it really is a home! It is designed in such way that you could actually live in there! It has three rooms, which may be hard to believe, but there are pictures to prove it. The space is wisely used, so you do not get a claustrophobic feeling at all. It looks quite interesting and funny standing in between its two big neighbors.

It has everything that all other houses normally have, even a considerable parking space. The price of the smallest house in the world was about £ 110,001. You may be surprised by the price, but the inside of the house is quite well decorated and equipped, so do not judge by the outside look.

The house is located in Toronto (Canada), but as we said, it is world known. There were even some celebrities who stated that they were impressed by this little house and some of them were even hoping to buy it! The owners must be happy to live in this legendary small building.

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