Side Effects of Abortion

Abortion can Harm a Woman’s Health in Many Ways

Side effects of abortion can occur in any woman, so women should know about them. Here you can read more about possible problems that can occur after an abortion procedure. Before making your decision about having an abortion, there are several things you should about. Abortion can affect your life more than you can ever imagine.

Women who do not want to have children (yet) tend to believe that an abortion procedure will ‘solve the problem’. However, you must know that having an abortion can have both physical and emotional consequences. Women (especially the young ones) should be familiar with all important issues that are related to side effects of abortion, different types of abortion procedures, post abortion recovery period and many other things.

Abortion Side Effects

Generally speaking, side effects of abortion can occur in any woman. Physical side effects can be different from woman to woman, but emotional side effects of abortion seem to be very similar.

Side Effects of Surgical Abortion

This type of abortion is based on surgical termination of pregnancy. Women who have had a surgical abortion can experience abdominal cramping, abdominal pain, vomiting and nausea (reactions to anesthesia) and diarrhea.

Surgical Abortion Complications

It is extremely important to know about all possible complications that can happen. There are real risks that you should be aware of. Severe bleeding is one of the risks, so as complications with anesthesia (in cases of general anesthesia, women can even experience life-threatening complications, even death). Pelvis infections and even sepsis can also endanger not only your health, but your life as well. Permanent damage can be done to the uterus lining.

Side Effects of Medical Abortion

In some cases, women can use pills for abortion inducing. This type of abortion is called a medical abortion. It may sound simple, but it isn’t that simple at all. It can cause severe side effects to any woman. Some of the side effects are dizziness, bleeding, headaches, vomiting and nausea, diarrhea and abdominal cramps.

Medical Abortion Complications

It is believed that bleeding after a medical abortion is normal, but this can prolong and last for a few weeks, which can lead to further complications. There is a great risk of various infections. It can even cause infertility. That means that you may never have kids in future.

In addition, some women can have problems with their pregnancy in the future (especially those who have terminated their first pregnancy). There are chances for premature delivery, which can seriously harm the baby. According to certain researches, women who have had an abortion are at greater risk of getting breast cancer.

Emotional Side Effects

This is probably the most difficult and the most painful aspect of abortion. Women who have had an abortion are at great risk of developing deep depression, feeling of guilt, anger, and hopelessness. These feelings can further lead to medication abuse and self-destructive behavior.

In other words, abortion can destroy a woman’s life. All of those side effects can affect your life, so as the lives of your family members. Some women never get over the fact that they have had an abortion. This can leave serious consequences. These feelings may never go away and can last until the rest of a woman’s life. If you have had an abortion and you have any of the side effects, you need to get some professional help. Do not suppress anything. You have the right to get help and fight the pain. Do not ever forget that.

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