Rectal Bleeding in Men

Here you can read more about rectal bleeding in men. Rectal bleeding can be defined as bright red blood discharged from the anus. It is often mixed with blood clots or stools. Rectal bleeding develops very quickly and in most cases, it results from abdominal disorders. Sometimes, the blood comes from gastrointestinal tract, and in some cases, it comes from the rectum. If a man has rectal bleeding, this can result in anemia, which will further cause nausea, weakness, low blood pressure, dizziness, etc. Rectal bleeding can be caused by several factors. You should know more about this issue, since this condition can indicate some serious problems.

Rectal Bleeding in Men – Causes

– Hemorrhoids can cause rectal bleeding in men. Hemorrhoids are damaged blood vessels in the anal canal. Hemorrhoids occur when you have dry or hard stools. This can cause bleeding. Hemorrhoids rarely cause anemia and other health problems. If you have problems with this type of bleeding, you should visit your doctor and see what you can do to treat hemorrhoids.

– Anal fissure is another possible cause of rectal bleeding. This occurs when the anal canal lining becomes torn, as a result of constipation. This can cause pain while passing the stools and bleeding from the rectum.

– Fistula can cause rectal bleeding, too. It occurs when the intestinal tract gets inflamed and can lead to pain and rectal bleeding.

– Colitis can cause rectal bleeding as well. If this inflammation is located in rectum only, it is called proctitis. Diarrhea and cramps are some of the symptoms.

– Diverticulosis is another possible cause of rectal bleeding in men.

– Cancer and polyps can cause rectal bleeding. Polyps can be defined as benign tumors found in the large intestine. When the polyps become large enough, they will start bleeding. Polyps can develop into colon cancer. This type of cancer can lead to rectal bleeding.

– Rectal prolapse occurs when rectal support tissues get weak. This usually happens to older people.

Rectal Bleeding Diagnosis

– Flexible sigmoidoscopy test is done by using a flexible tube that is inserted into the rectum.

– Anoscopy is done in a similar way.

– Blood tests are also used, in cases when there is a significant blood loss.

– Colonoscopy is done by inserting a small camera into the rectum, to the colon. This way, doctors can see what is wrong.

– Barium Enema X-ray includes liquid barium, used for detecting tumors.

Rectal Bleeding Treatment

Rectal bleeding treatment depends on the causes of rectal bleeding and its severity. Sometimes, self-care at home is enough to recover. In some cases, antibiotics are needed, and sometimes blood transfusion is used. The purpose of rectal bleeding treatment is to stop the bleeding and prevent it from occurring again. If rectal bleeding is caused by serious conditions, hospitalization is required in such cases.

We hope this was helpful. If you have experienced any type of rectal bleeding, you should visit your doctor and determine the cause.

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