Pros and Cons of Globalization

Have you ever discussed pros and cons of globalization? What do you think about this subject? Is globalization a positive process, or it also has certain negative features? We were trying to find all the good sides, as well as the bad sides of globalization. Here is what we have found, but we are curious to hear your opinion, too!

What Are the Pros of Globalization?

What are the good sides of the globalization process? Well, there are several. First, it seems that time, space and physical boundaries are more relative than ever. State borders are not as rigid as they used to be. Communication is easier, quicker and allows people from all over the world to be informed about anything that happens on our planet. Traveling is easier and faster. Even those who cannot travel very often can use the Internet to see and hear from people who live on other continents. Goods and merchandise from all over the world are being sold and available in nearly every country.

Cultures, music, arts and lifestyles are mixing, creating universal values and each of them has a great contribution to a global culture and global public spheres that are forming before our very eyes. People are getting more and more familiar to other cultures, foreign values and customs are getting less foreign, and more accepted everywhere. People feel like they all belong to a universal community of man kind. Xenophobia is not an issue anymore and people tend to accept each other easier, regardless of religion, race or political views.

What Are the Cons of Globalization?

Some countries are afraid of losing their own identity and tradition. The main issue here is whether it is possible to harmonize tradition and foreign influences or it is not possible (nor desirable) to let that happen. There were suggestions that various traditions and influences are not mixing at all, but rather being colonized by one or two dominant cultures. Some theorists suggest that this process has a tendency to develop into a cultural, political and economic hegemony over the small countries that do not have enough political and economic influence in international relations. What do you think?

In addition, the countries and regions are getting more interdependent. This interdependence is not only seen in their mutual economic collaboration or competition, but in political affairs as well. What is happening outside the state can strongly affect the internal politics of a state. Economic crisis affect everyone, due to economic interdependence. Global problems also have a huge impact on every region.

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