Pros and Cons of Censorship

Pros and cons of censorship are numerous. Let us discuss this issue and see whether we can determine if there are more pros or cons. The time we live in leaves us enough opportunities to think and speak freely. The freedom of thought is one of the greatest advantages of the modern times.

However, there are the disadvantages as well. Good things about the freedom to express your own opinion are numerous. You feel like your opinion actually counts. You can say or write what is on your mind and no one has the right to blame you for that, right? Still, have you ever been angry because someone has said something about you, or worse – someone has written something about you and put it where other people can see it? It is OK to have your opinion, but the way you express it counts as well.

In other words, people can and should express their opinion, but they must do it politely. We must act like civilized human beings and avoid insulting other people. Our communication towards other people should be done in a polite manner. If this were always so, we wouldn’t even need any censorship.

Do We Really Need Censorship?

Nevertheless, we know that there are people who do not even think about what we have just mentioned. For some, all that counts are sensationalism and scandals. There are TV contents that are often too rude. When it comes to the Internet contents, the things are getting even worse. Therefore, in order to protect other people, censorship is sometimes unavoidable and necessary. The claims that we need to protect ourselves from ourselves is very true. Censorship is needed for these purposes. However, censorship is often used in the wrong way. Sometimes people who have the right to select what should be censored do not do their work professionally. Sometimes they are guided by their own subjective feelings, opinion, emotions, even money! Because of that, censorship itself has become a dirty word! Before we even start to consider censorship as such, we must make a clear distinction between the censorship itself and those who are doing the censorship work. What do you think?

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