What is pagefile.sys? If you have seen this file, you must be wondering what it is and why it is running anyway. We will try explaining what pagefile.sys is and tell you more about its purpose. pagefile.sys is a memory extension of your computer’s true memory. Precisely, it is a virtual memory, so your computer acts as if it has more memory than it actually has. This is possible thanks to this file. pagefile.sys is greater in size than your own computer memory, so it occupies a lot of space in your system. The main advantage of this file is making your computer operating as if it has a lot of memory. However, this can be a disadvantage, in case you have less than 256 mb of memory. In that case, pagefile.sys can literally “steal” your memory and your system will probably run much slower, making it difficult especially with multi-tasking.

Why Should I Remove pagefile.sys

This is a good question, especially if you do not have a lot of memory. If this is the case with your computer, you should remove this file in order not to waste any memory. pagefile.sys is a memory-consuming file, so it will probably slow down your operating system.

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How to Remove pagefile.sys

If you use Windows, here is what to do to remove pagefile.sys. Access Control panel, and then run System. Click “Advanced” and then “Settings”. Then click “Advanced” again and finally – “Change”. Choose “no paging file” and then click “Set” to remove pagefile.sys.

If you don’t use this file, that is just another reason to remove it and save your space.

If you have another hard drive in your computer, you can move pagefile.sys there. This second drive should be internal (not a USB). If it is internal, then it will not be too difficult to move pagefile.sys there. Here is how you do it: go to “My computer” and “Properties”. Click “Advanced” and find “Performance”. Click the Settings button and then “Advanced”. You will find the virtual memory, and you will be able to see the space that is put aside for the paging files. Now, click “Change”. Find the settings labeled “Automatically manage paging file size” And click the drive you want to use for moving pagefile.sys to. Choose “System managed size” and then “Set”. Click the drive where pagefile.sys is located and then choose “No paging file”. Then click “set”, “ok”, and that’s it!

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