Ovarian Cysts and Pregnancy

One of the biggest problems most women are dealing with during pregnancy is whether ovarian cysts and pregnancy can go together without causing damage to the fetus and, of course, to the mother. First, one thing has to be emphasized here. Most of these cysts are benign and can hardly cause any serious problems during pregnancy. They develop in the ovaries; they are filled with liquid and they are not dangerous for mother and child, unless they grow big. This can result in bad effect on both ovaries. Although benign ovarian cysts do not disrupt pregnancy, it is recommended for a woman to treat them before she gets pregnant in order to avoid complications.

Ovarian Cysts

♦ There are several types of ovarian cysts that can grow and develop without even being noticed, but if they become big enough, they can cause strong pain, irregular menstrual periods, pressure, breast pain and even internal bleeding and infertility. To prevent this, women should do regular health check. Therapies can be different, depending on many factors. Sometimes, the cyst will disappear by itself without any treatment, or it will be eliminated during laparoscopy. Unfortunately, in some cases, these cysts are cancerous and therefore the only way to remove them is surgery.

♦ There is a syndrome that can interrupt a woman’s attempts to get pregnant. It is called the polycystic ovarian syndrome and is usually caused by high level of testosterone produced in the body. This imbalance of hormones can create other health problems beside infertility, so it is necessary to begin with a treatment as soon as possible. A lot of factors can cause PCOS (poly-cystic ovary syndrome), including genetics, overweight and others, but the best and most common way to fight it is weight loss, oral contraception, metformin (anti-diabetic drug).

♦ We can conclude that ovarian cysts are very common among women and that – even if they do not shrink and disappear by themselves – there are a lot of ways and treatments that can prevent them from getting bigger and more dangerous. Due to the fact that benign cysts do not endanger pregnancy, doctors usually just schedule an ultrasound and wait for the cyst to fade away. But, as we know, if a cyst bursts it can cause huge pain to a pregnant woman and even lead to a preterm delivery, so it is much better and safer to get rid of these cyst before even getting pregnant.

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