Oldest Man in the World 2010

The oldest person in the world in 2010 was Kama Chinen who died by the beginning of May. Soon after her death, the new record holder was found. The oldest living person for 2010 seems to be a Montana citizen Walter Breuning. He is 114 years old and lives in the Rainbow Retirement Center. Born in Melrose (Minnesota), in 1896, this gentleman came to live in Montana in the age of 22. He spent next fifty years working for the Great Northern Railway.

Breuning says that his memory serves him perfectly well. He can remember the time when he was only 3! The most important thing for him is health. If you have a good health – you have everything you need. It seems that he is right! This philosophy made him the oldest man alive. According to Mr. Breuning, one must keep his mind and body working all the time in order to stay fit in every sense of the word. Regardless of the fact that he is 114, Mr. Breuning walks every day around the Rainbow Retirement Center.

One should be disciplined when it comes to food. One should also be kind to other people and have as much positive thoughts as possible. He is an incredibly positive person and believes he will probably remain the oldest man alive for quite some time. Indeed, there is no reason to doubt that. Although he is blessed to live for so long, he has lost his wife in 1957 and since he hasn’t got any children, one might think that it is hard to be alone for such a long time. But Mr. Breuning is still positive and people around him love him very much – he is a kind of celebrity in the Rainbow Retirement Center.

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