Oldest Car in the World

Did you hear that the oldest car in the world was put on an auction to be sold? What kind of a car is it anyway? Well, it is the oldest car that actually still can be driven! Its power comes from steam. This vehicle comes from France. It was constructed in 1884, for a gentleman named De Dion, who was a French Count. He was the co-owner of the De Dion-Bouton Company that developed this model.

The car was called “La Marquise” and Mr. De Dion was the first owner. After him, there were only two people to own this car. The car was first demonstrated in 1887. It could reach the speed of some twenty-six miles/hour. It used wood and coal as fuel. It meant that it couldn’t just start going but it rather took some time to get ready to run. Can you imagine how strange it is comparing to our modern cars? But back then, people were thrilled and loved this attraction! Its tires were quite thin, so you could ask about its stability. But since the speed wasn’t even close to what we consider for speed today – it was quite safe to drive.

If you were among those who believe that the oldest car came from Daimler or Benz – the answer is a little different! It is true that those two men developed their cars in this period, but their models came to public more than a decade after “La Marquise”. For all the car fans, this auction would probably be an event to remember. Especially for the one who buys it. It is not only a great joy and pleasure to own this machine, but also a great responsibility. Just think of its historical importance. Since the car is very old, the preserving conditions have to be appropriate and have to be controlled all the time.

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