If you want to find out more about msvcr80.dll, you can find some answers here. msvcr80.dll is Microsoft C Runtime library, needed for programs that have been written by using Microsoft Visual Studio 05. msvcr80.dll is located in C/Windows, and its size ranges from 626,688 to 635,904 bytes.

Msvcr80.dll Errors

Here you can read about msvcr80.dll errors. The most common error messages are the ones telling you that the file cannot be found, or the application cannot load because the file is missing.

Why does this happen? This usually happens when the file is either missing or corrupted.

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– To solve the problem, you can try several things. First, try finding the file in your computer. Perhaps you have deleted it by mistake, so try recovering it. If you have deleted it permanently, try the next step.

– If msvcr80.dll is missing, you can download the file from a reliable source. Be very careful when downloading the file. You should not download it from unreliable or suspicious websites. This way, you can easily download a malicious program, without even knowing about it.

– You can copy this file from some other computer that has the same configuration as yours. However, you must copy the file to where it originally was. It you place it in the wrong location, this can cause further errors.

– Clean you registry. Scan you registry with a reliable tool and remove all invalid or corrupt files.

– Scan your computer for viruses. If you have any malware, this can cause various errors. Make sure your antivirus protection is up-to-date.

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