msmpeng.exe is a process needed for spyware scanning procedures. msmpeng.exe is automatically saved in your system, once you install the Windows Live One Care. This process is very important for your system, since its role is to defend the system from spyware. msmpeng.exe activity can be determined with windows task manager. msmpeng.exe is capable of preventing and removing spyware. Therefore, it is important for your security and you should not remove it from your computer. msmpeng.exe is also capable of detecting Trojans and viruses. msmpeng.exe is not harmful and chances to have problems with msmpeng.exe are very low. msmpeng.exe is usually located in C/Program Files, but it can be located in other C subfolders.

msmpeng.exe Problems

The most common problem with msmpeng.exe is the fact that it uses system resources in great measures. If you believe that bad performance of your computer is somehow related to msmpeng.exe, you can try adjusting the settings to start msmpeng.exe occasionally. That way, msmpeng.exe will not be running all the time, so your system will be faster. Here is what to do.

First, go to the Start menu and choose Run. You will see the box and then type “services.msc” in the box. This is how you locate the service. Now, double click it. Find the “start type” and choose “manual”. Confirm this by clicking “OK” button.

Other errors are possible with msmpeng.exe, too. We know that many viruses use other processes to camouflage themselves. This is the case with msmpeng.exe, too. It can be used by malicious programs and viruses as a kind of “shelter”. If you think that msmpeng.exe you have in your system is not a real one, (for example, you don’t use Windows defender, but you see this process running), try locating the file that it is running under the name of “msmpeng.exe”. If it is not located where it should be, this file can be a malicious program and it is recommended to remove it.

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Scan your computer for viruses and spyware. Of course, you will need an efficient antivirus. If you locate the file, but cannot stop the process or remove it from your computer, you can ask for some help or search the web to see if there are more users with similar problem. We hope this article was helpful in understanding what msmpeng.exe is. Now that you know what kind of problems you may experience, it will be easier to fix them if they occur.

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