Most Expensive Phone in the World

The most expensive phone in the world is Stuart Hughes iPhone 4 – Diamond Rose Edition. Stuart Hughes devices are already known for their luxury. We have already seen Stuart Hughes phones covered in diamonds and gold. But this iPhone is more that luxurious.

Rose gold is used in making this iPhone, so as 100 carats diamonds. The Apple logo consists of diamonds as well. The entire backplane is made of rose gold. The home button is platinum made with a pink diamond added. The one who buys this iPhone gets another 8-carat diamond in case he/she wants to replace the existing one on the home button. Are you ready to hear the price? The price is 8 million dollars. Yes, eight million dollars!

Wouldn’t you love to know who owns this iPhone? Well, we cannot tell you that. But you should know that there are not so many lucky owners. In fact, there will be only two of these iPhones produced. Who ever buys it – it will probably remain a secret.

There is another phone that is very expensive, but doesn’t cost this much. Its price is also expressed in millions of dollars. That is 3GS Supreme iPhone, also made of 22-carat gold and more than fifty diamonds. The home button has a diamond on it as well.

Next on our list is Peter Aloisson’s Kings Button iPhone which also has diamonds on it. The home button is made of 6.6 carat diamond. This toy costs almost two and a half million dollars.

These three phones are the most expensive phones in the world. It is interesting to know that there are so expensive toys and one can’t help wondering: “Who, for God’s sake, could afford something like this, and why would anyone spend a fortune on a phone?” These questions will probably remain unanswered for most of us.

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