Mood Swings in Women during Periods

Periods Can be Difficult for Some Women

Mood swings in women during periods are more than just a myth. In fact, it is quite understandable that women change their mood before and during their periods. Why does this happen? We will try to explain. (This article is not only useful for women, but for men as well. If you read it, it will be much easier for you to understand your girlfriend’s bad mood during her period.)

Mood Swings during Period

• Some women have difficult periods. These difficulties are manifested through abdominal cramps, breast tenderness or breast pain, headaches, bloating and general weakness. Now, considering all these symptoms, it is not hard to understand the fact that a woman is nervous while these symptoms are bothering her.

• However, there are ways to cope with this problem. Before we tell you more about how to deal with mood swings during periods, let us say something about the causes.

What Are the Causes of Mood Swings?

Hormonal Changes

• First, there are hormonal changes. Hormonal activity in a woman’s body changes during the menstrual cycle. It is normal, actually. It just affects women in different ways. Progesterone and estrogen levels affect the levels of serotonin in a woman’s body. It is not hard to realize that a woman cannot control her serotonin levels. Therefore, she is quite helpless when it comes to controlling her mood.

Stressful Situations

• Another cause can be found in stressful situations. If a woman is going through a lot of stress, this can affect her period as well.

Can You Control Mood Swings?

• There are several things you can try. You can take vitamin supplements like calcium and B6. Dairy products are also helpful in nerve cells nourishing. Your diet should be high in vitamin C and fresh fruits could help you get enough of this vitamin. You should reduce caffeine intake, so as salt consumption during your period. Caffeine can make you more nervous and irritable and can affect your sleep. If you sleep badly, you will be even more nervous. If you have painful menstruation, talk to your doctor about how to relieve the pain.

• Physical activity can be helpful, too. Walk as much as you can and spend time in fresh air.

• Try to spend time with your friends and try to laugh as much as possible. Sometimes you don’t feel like it, but if you try, you will see it’s not that hard!

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