If you are wondering what mom.exe is, you can find some answers here. Perhaps you are getting mom.exe error messages? Whatever the case is, there is no reason for panic. This file is a legitimate part of ATI catalyst control center. Now, what is ATI catalyst control center? It is a program goes with drivers for the ATI Radeon video card. This means that mom.exe is harmless, but as many other files, mom.exe can be corrupted by a malicious program. Many viruses use files similar to mom.exe to camouflage themselves. If you want to be sure, you can scan your computer for viruses.

You should not delete mom.exe. It is a crucial part of the ATI CCC software. Its role is to control the graphics function of the ATI video card. If you remove mom.exe, video drivers will not function properly.

Mom.exe Errors

If you keep getting mom.exe error notifications, you can solve the problem by uninstalling the ATI CCC. After you have uninstalled it, try reinstalling it. This should solve the problem and mom.exe error messages should stop bothering you. Visit the manufacturer’s site and see if there is there is a newer version of Control Center software and the drivers, too. If mom.exe error messages continue to show up, you can contact a professional and ask for some help. After all, calling a professional will certainly be an easier and a safer way to solve the problem.

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If you are not certain what to do, it is better to do nothing. You can delete some important file by mistake and you will make more problems to your own computer. Never delete files if you are not certain what they are and whether you need them or not. If you are trying to remove a malicious program, keep in mind that you can cause more problems if you don’t do it properly. There are viruses that “pretend to be” mom.exe and if you detect one of those, you will definitely want it out of your system. However, removing it can sometimes be difficult, so if you can’t remove it, ask someone to help you.

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