What is mdnsresponder.exe? Here you can read about mdnsresponder.exe and the most common problems with this process. mdnsresponder.exe is a Windows process – Apple’s application – automatically installed by iTunes. The application is also known as “Bonjour”. You have probably seen this process running in your Task Manager, but you don’t know what it is and why it is not listed in “Add or Remove Programs”. People usually think this is a malicious program, but it is not. However, some viruses or other malware use other files in your computer for camouflaging themselves, so you cannot detect them easily. If you want to determine whether it is malware, you can locate the file and see where it is running from.

If you do not use iTunes, but still have this file in your computer, do not worry, since iTunes isn’t the only way of getting this application installed. Skype, Safari (and many others) can be responsible for installing Bonjour.

How to Disable mdnsresponder.exe

The problem is that this process is not listed in “Add or Remove Programs”, which is why you may have difficulties in removing it. However, there are ways to do this. Before we tell you how to remove mdnsresponder.exe, we have to tell you that removing Bonjour can be a mistake, in case you use iTunes for library sharing, for example. Another important thing is that you don’t have to remove it completely – you can just disable it, so you can use it anytime in case you need it. You can disable Bonjour by going to the Service panel, click on service and changing the Startup type to “disabled”. This way, you will still have Bonjour installed, but you will not use it.

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How to Remove mdnsresponder.exe

If you are certain that you don’t need it, here are some tips on how to remove mdnsresponder.exe.

Access the command prompt (in the administrator mode) and go to Program Files/Bonjour. From there, you will be able to uninstall it or remove it completely from your system.

If you want to enable mdnsresponder.exe again, you can just re-install it. In case you deleted it completely, you will have to visit the “Apple” page and get the Bonjour installation.

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