lsass.exe file is located in C/WIndows/system32, or it can be in C/Winnt/System32. lsass.exe has a role in security of your system. This file is normally included in Microsoft Windows. It is not a virus or spyware, but it can be corrupted by any of those. In case this happens, you will use an antivirus to solve this problem.

You are probably wondering how to know the difference between an infected file and a normal, legitimate lsass.exe file. You probably know that viruses and malicious programs often use this type of files for hiding and camouflaging themselves. It can happen with any other file – not only with lsass.exe.

However, you can see certain files in your computer that have similar names, like Issas.exe or isass.exe.

Although it is hard to see the difference, especially if you are not paying much attention to these files (or you just don’t know much about them), you can still scan your computer and see if there are any threats. If you find any file with a similar name, (and it is not lsass.exe), your computer may be infected. Open the Task manager and look up in the “Processes” tab. If you see any of these running, try locating them. However, make sure not to remove the legitimate lsass.exe. If you end this process, it can cause problems to your system. Even if you tried, you would get a warning message, telling you that Task manager could not end the process.

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lsass.exe Error

As with other files, errors are possible with this one, too. You may experience an error when trying to change your password – or an error can occur due to a virus or other malicious program in your computer.

If your computer is restarting repeatedly, try booting into Windows, click Start and Run. Type “shutdown” and hit Enter. Open your browser and go to the MS04-11 to get the list of updates. These updates will help you in fixing the problem. After the download, you will have to install the files. Your computer should have all Windows updates. In addition, make sure your antivirus is updated, too. If you are still having problems, perhaps something else is bothering your system. You can ask a professional to help you.

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