Lower Ab Workouts for Men at Home

Here you can find some useful info on lower ab workouts for men at home. Working out at home has many advantages. First, you don’t have to go anywhere. That means that you can work out anytime, without having to worry about the schedule. Second, you will probably feel more comfortable in your own home. You can work out while watching TV, listening to some good music, or other stuff; you can take a break whenever you feel like it, and you can exercise anytime you want.

These are the advantages of home exercises. If you want to prepare your body for the summer season, you better start in time! Junk food and alcohol are certainly the leading factors when it comes to stomach fat. To get rid of this bad look, you have to start exercising in time, and you also have to make some changes to your diet.

Lower Ab Workouts for Men

• Leg lift exercises are great for lower abs. Lie on the floor are put your arms down. Both legs should be raised and perpendicular to the floor. You will feel the pressure on your lower abs and this is how you will know you are doing this right. Twelve of fifteen repetitions in one series will be enough. Once you get into good shape, you can increase the number of repetitions.

• Reverse crunch exercises are also great for your low abs. First, you have to lie on the floor and cross your feet. Raise your legs by pushing your knees towards the chest. Put your legs back to the first position and then repeat the exercise. You will feel the pressure in your lower abs.

• Leg circles are great exercises for low abs. Lie on the floor and put your hands right under the back. Lift the legs and start making circles in the air using your legs. You legs have to be straight. This exercise is interesting and you can have fun, for example, you can write the letters of your name in the air using your legs! This is always an interesting workout, especially if you are exercising with your kids.

• Hip Thrust exercises are done in a rather simple way. Cross your ankles and raise the legs very slowly. Your legs have to remain straight and they have to be pointing towards the ceiling. You will feel the contractions in your lower abs once you start raising the hips above the ground.

• Of course, if you want to see the results in short time, you will have to make some moderation to your diet. Do not eat junk food, and try not to eat large meals. It is better to have several smaller meals than just two or three large meals. This way, you won’t be outing to much pressure to your digestive system, and the food will be processed easily, which will have a positive effect on your lower abs. Eat healthy foods, especially fresh fruit and vegetables. You should eat proteins, but stick to the low fat dairy and lean meat.

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