Low Blood Pressure during Pregnancy

Low blood pressure during pregnancy is not very common, but some women can experience this problem. A more common pregnancy-related problem is high blood pressure. This potentially dangerous condition often requires medical care. A pregnant woman is advised to stay at home so she can avoid stress and get plenty of rest.

Hypotension in Pregnant Women

• The medical term for low blood pressure is hypotension. Some of its common causes are dehydration, being in a very warm environment, and standing for too long. A rapid change in position, such as lying down and then standing up, can cause temporary hypotension. Many people have experienced this: getting up rapidly from bed can make them feel dizzy and they can lose their balance, but after a while, they feel all right again. This type of hypotension (due to sudden position changes) is called orthostatic hypotension.

• Low blood pressure during pregnancy, as mentioned, does not happen to many women. It is not considered a medical emergency. However, it does pose some risk to a pregnant woman. If a woman has low blood pressure, she can feel dizzy and she can fall and injure herself as well as the fetus inside her body.

• To prevent hypotension, a pregnant woman must take enough fluid. If you are pregnant, drink plenty of water. You may not like this; because it will mean even more frequent visits to the bathroom (frequent urination is a common symptom of pregnancy).

• Aside from preventing dehydration, a pregnant woman should also avoid spending time in hot places. If possible, a woman should engage in some form of regular exercise that has been approved by her physician. Even when pregnant, it is good to be physically active rather than sedentary. Regular exercise also helps in regulating blood pressure, keeping it within the healthy range.

• If you start feeling dizzy or have blurred vision, take a seat or lay down. Have some water (or have some food). Some doctors recommend salty foods for regulating this problem. It seems to work fine, but you should not exaggerate with salt. It can be bad for other reasons.

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• Low blood pressure during pregnancy does not require medical treatment. This problem can be solved if you take care of regular hydration and follow the general health guidelines for a pregnant woman. For example, you should have proper nutrition and get all the necessary vitamins and minerals. You should avoid being stressed. This is something you can read or hear anywhere – and it is true. However, if your blood pressure is still bothering you, visit your doctor and ask for some advice.

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