Loss of Appetite during Pregnancy

Although many pregnant women are complaining about increased appetite, loss of appetite during pregnancy is also possible. Many women experience nausea during pregnancy. Morning sickness is also common in pregnant women. This is why pregnant women can have decreased appetite during pregnancy. This can be very bad for both mother and baby. They both need quality nutrition. Vitamins and minerals are necessary for normal growth and development of the fetus. Pregnant women must take care of their diet and consume all kinds of healthy foods. Considering nausea and morning sickness, it is normal that a woman experiences appetite loss. However, this condition must be treated in time.

Appetite Loss Causes

♦ What are the causes of appetite loss during pregnancy? There are several possible causes. In the very beginning, nausea is the main cause of appetite loss.

♦ During the second trimester, digestive system will be going through some changes. This happens because the uterus is pressuring the lower bowel. It can cause constipation and appetite loss as well.

♦ Progesterone levels go higher during pregnancy and this can cause appetite loss. Progesterone affects digestion and makes it slower.

♦ Iron supplements can cause constipation and this can further lead to appetite loss.

♦ During the third trimester, the baby will be grown enough to press the stomach and it will cause the feeling of being full.

How to Solve the Problem

There are several things you can try in order to solve this problem. Eat small meals instead of large ones. That way you will avoid nausea and it will be easier for your body to digest the food. It is good to eat in the morning, but there is no reason to force yourself. It is better to wait until the nausea is gone and then have some food. Your diet should be rich in fiber and vitamins. Avoid fatty foods and do not consume large meals. Try to eat various foods and prepare it in different ways.

If you cannot solve the problem, you will have to see your doctor as soon as possible. Do not expect the problem to go away just like that. If you lose weight during pregnancy or dehydrate (which can be very dangerous), your baby may have difficulties in growth and development. Talk to your doctor and nutritionist about solution to the problem.

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