List of Small Dog Breeds

If you like small dogs or planning to get one, here is the list of small dog breeds that are most popular:

– Chihuahua
– King Charles spaniel
– Brussels griffon
– English toy spaniel
– Maltese
– Tibetan terrier
– Lhasa apso
– Miniature pinscher
– Pekingese
– Scottish terrier
– Welsh terrier
– Miniature schnauzer
– Toy poodle
– Poodle
– Pug
– Australian terrier
– Jack Russell terrier
– Shih Tzu
– Tibetan spaniel
– Border terrier
– Toy Fox terrier
-Yorkshire terrier
– Boston terrier
– Bichon
– French bulldog

Those were the most popular small breeds. If you want to get a small dog that is suitable for family, you can choose some of those:  English toy spaniel, Bichon, Pug, King Charles spaniel, Boston terrier, Poodle and Norfolk terrier. These dogs are really good with children and you will not need to worry about children hurting the puppy, since these dogs aren’t to fragile. They also tolerate children play that can sometimes be quite rough. In case you have dog allergies there are small dogs you can keep without any problems. Some of them do not shed too much which makes them suitable for people who have problems with dog hairs. If you have problems with dog saliva, there are breeds that do not have too many proteins in saliva. If you have children and are concerned about dog hairs and/or saliva, here are some of the non-shedding dog breeds that can be suitable for you and your family: Bichon, Chinese crested dog, Norfolk terrier, Italian greyhound, Toy poodle, Maltese, Welsh terrier, Norwich terrier, Miniature poodle, Tibetan terrier, Yorkshire terrier, Miniature schnauzer and West Highland white terrier.

If you want a watch dog, some small dogs are suitable for watching, regardless of their size. Although they are small in size, they are hyperactive and sometimes even noisy. They bark quite a lot and you can use this characteristic feature in your advance. Small dog can not really prevent a burglar from entering your property, but can make considerable noise to warn you that something is wrong.

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