List of Flower Names and Meanings

Here is the list of flower names and meanings. Flowers are the most beautiful way to tell different things to different people. Before you buy flowers, you should know more about their meanings. Flowers are great to buy as presents, or they can be used for decoration. They bring joy and beauty and they can make some moments unforgettable. There are many different types of flowers and it would be impossible to mention them all, but we will mention some of the most beautiful flowers.

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List of Flower Names


Amaryllis – Pride
Acacia – hidden love
Almond Blossom – Sweetness, Delicacy
Arum – Intense feeling of love
Anemone – Love that loses its strength
Azalea – Fragility, Passion,
Aster – Delicacy, Love
Arbutus – I love only thee
Apple Blossom – Good fortune, Harbinger of better things, A strong liking


Bachelor Button – Celibacy
Bittersweet -Truth
Bluebell- Constancy, Gratitude
Buttercup – Riches, Childishness
Baby’s Breath – Innocence, Pure heart
Balm – Empathy, Compassion


Crocus – Happiness,
Caladium – joy
Clover – Proposal
Camellia – Gratitude, Perfection
Clematis – Ingenuity
Cyclamen – Resignation
Cornflower – Delicacy
White Clover – Don’t forget me


Dahlia – Dignity
Daffodil – Sunshine, Love, Respect
Delphinium – Big-hearted
Daisy – Innocence, Purity, Beauty
Dandelion – Faithfulness


Everlasting – memory
Edelweiss – Courage


Forsythia – Anticipation
Flax – domesticity
Fuchsia – Style


Gladiolus – Love, Generosity
Gardenia – Secret love,


Hyacinth – Rashness,
Hyacinth – Jealousy
Holly – Happiness


Iris (German) – Flame
Iris – Faith, Hope
Indian Cress – Resignation
Ivy – Friendship, Affection


Jasmine Grace, Modesty, Elegance,
Jonquil – Sympathy, Love, Affection
Juniper -Chastity, Eternity
Jasmine – Attachment


King’s Spear – sorrow


Lily – Pure heart, Honor
Lotus – Estranged love
Lavender – Devotion, Love
Lady’s Slipper – beauty
Larkspur (Purple) – Sweet disposition


Marigold – Jealousy, Pretty love, Caress, Affection,
Marjoram – Joy
Mallow – Delicate beauty
Magnolia – Nobility


Nightshade – Truth
Narcissus – Formality
Nasturtium – Conquest
Nosegay – Gallantry


Poppy (General) – Imagination, Oblivion, Eternal sleep
Phlox – A good partnership
Petunia – Anger, Anger


Rose (Pale pink) – Grace, Joy
Rose (Red) – Love, Passion,
Rose (Pink) – Secret Love, Perfect happiness,
Rose (Yellow) – Jealousy ,Infidelity,
Rhododendron – Beware, Danger,


Snowdrop – Hope
Sweetpea – Departure, Blissful pleasure,
Sunflower (Tall) – False riches, Pride,
Sage – Female fidelity, Wisdom,


Tulip – love
Tulip – Perfect love, Fame,
Tulip (Red) – faith


Violet (Blue) – Faithfulness, Love, Watchfulness
Verbena – Sensibility


Wall Flower – Fidelity, Faithful in adversity, Lasting beauty,
Water Lily – Pure heart
Windflower – Love, Sincerity,


Zinnia (White) – Goodness
Zinnia (Magenta) – Affection

Those were some of the most beautiful flowers! Now that you know more about their meanings, you can choose the right present for anyone! Flowers will help you say various things like “I love you”, “I miss you” and all those things you don’t know how to say.

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