List of European Countries and Capitals

In case you are interested in geography, read this article and see the list of European countries and capitals. But first, here is something more about Europe: this continent spreads on 10,181,000 square km. It occupies nearly two percent of the entire planet’s surface. Regardless to its size, it is very populous. As the matter of fact, it is ranked third after Africa and Asia.

This continent is considered to be the cradle of the entire Western culture. It was important in the ancient times, during the middle ages and during the colonial era. The most powerful colonial forces came from Europe.

Here are the European countries:

-Spain (Madrid)
-Ukraine (Kiev)
-United Kingdom (London)
-Azerbaijan (Baku)
-Serbia (Belgrade)
-Macedonia (Skopje)
-Bulgaria (Sofia)
-Turkey (Ankara)
-Russia (Moscow)
-Croatia (Zagreb)
-Italy (Rome)
-Poland (Warsaw)
-Austria (Vienna)
-Georgia (Tbilisi)
-Lithuania (Vilnius)
-Hungary (Budapest)
-Germany (Berlin)
-Montenegro (Podgorica)
-Belarus (Minsk)
-Slovenia (Ljubljana)
-Norway (Oslo)
-Slovakia (Bratislava)
-Czech Republic (Prague)
-Netherlands (Amsterdam)
-Finland (Helsinki)
-Romania (Bucharest)
-Bosnia and Herzegovina (Sarajevo)
-France (Paris)
-Portugal (Lisbon)
-Albania (Tirana)
-Moldova (Chisinau)
-Belgium (Brussels)
-Iceland (Reykjavík)
-Estonia (Tallinn)
-Latvia  (Riga)
-Monaco (Monaco)
-Sweden (Stockholm)
-Vatican City (Vatican City)
-Liechtenstein  (Vaduz)
-Denmark (Copenhagen)
-Greece (Athens)
-Republic of Ireland (Dublin)
-Malta (Valletta)
-Switzerland (Berne)
-Armenia (Yerevan)
-San Marino (San Marino)

As you can see, there are forty-six countries in Europe. Some of them are very small, including the smallest country in the world, Vatican City. Regardless to that, each of these countries is a part of the Europe or tends to be a part of great European community of countries.

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