Left Arm Pain in Women

Here is more info on left arm pain in women. Left arm pain in women can occur regardless of age. However, it seems that it is more common in older women. The pain can be very unpleasant, sometimes even unbearable. It can be located in any part of your arm. Arm pain can be both dull and sharp and sometimes it can become very persistent. It can occur in both arms.

Left Arm Pain in Women: Causes

There are several things that can cause left arm pain in women.

♦ Pain can appear due to an injury. This is an obvious cause and you will not have any reasons to worry because the pain will go away as soon as your injury heals.

♦ Arthritis is also one of the factors that can cause left arm pain in women.

♦ Coronary problems often lead to left arm pain.

♦ Circulation problems are also among possible causes. If there is no enough blood in this part of the body, left arm pain can occur as a result. “Dead arm” is also related to left arm pain.

♦ Another serious cause can be a heart attack. Left arm pain is present when there are high chances for a heart attack and this is not only the case with women but men as well. You should certainly control your health, but even if this pain occurs, do not jump to conclusions and don’t panic; it doesn’t mean you will have a heart attack if you feel left arm pain. As we said, there are several possible causes.

♦ If you sleep on your arm, this can cause left arm pain. Although it is hard to know in which position you sleep during the night, try not to sleep on your arms because it is bad for your circulation.

♦ You can experience left arm pain due to excessive use of your left arm (being left-handed, for example, puts some extra pressure to your left arm).

♦ Psychosomatic issues can also cause left arm pain. Funny, this rarely crosses one’s mind, but psychosomatic problems affect your body more than you can imagine. If you are going through a lot of stress or you are experiencing pressure and other problems – all this can affect your physical condition. The pain can appear in any part of your body, including your arms.

♦ Nerve damaging can cause left arm pain, too.

Those were some of the possible causes. However, do not jump to conclusions but visit your doctor and see what is wrong.

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