Lactation without Pregnancy

Lactation without pregnancy can look strange, but in most women it is not a serious issue. We can say that chances are that every tenth woman will experience this unexpected medical phenomenon. An important thing you should know is that, every woman is different and there are a lot of causes that can induce lactating.

Although it is a normal thing which often happens to women of any age (between 16 and 40 or – normal age for childbirth), if this continues to happen, it can be a signal of body imbalance and a signal that there is some other issue in the body which can be more serious. Therefore, you should go to your doctor to see what is wrong.

The Reasons for Lactating without Pregnancy

♦ The first reason for this is body imbalance. Perhaps your life is very stressful, or you may be having too much physical exercise. There are other reasons that can cause your body to produce hormones that can make the imbalance. You will just have to take a break of a few days in order to get your body back to the right track.

♦ The second reason is the thing that many women refuse to believe – a miscarriage. Yes, you may have had a miscarriage that remained unnoticed. You may have registered it as slightly more painful period, with heavy bleeding.

♦ Perhaps you are using some medicine with high levels of prolactin, which is normally responsible for lactation. Beside these three reasons that are often responsible for lactation, there are several more reasons that can also induce lactation.

“Normal” Lactation

♦ When you get pregnant your body creates estrogen (that’s why you can feel the urge for sex with your partner when you are pregnant), but after delivery, this hormone suddenly drops and other hormones take its place. One of those hormones is called prolactin and is responsible for lactation.  Prolactin levels increase, which sends impulse to your brain to start producing milk.

♦ To summarize, although it can be a perfectly benign occurrence, you should consult your doctor and get proper treatment (if you need any) or at least an explanation.

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