What is jusched.exe? jusched.exe is a process that goes along with Sun Microsystem’s Java, and its role is to check for updates. You should not terminate this process because it is important for normal Java usage. jusched.exe is safe and you don’t have to worry about it – it is not a malicious program.

Do I Need jusched.exe?

If some process is not involved in your operating system and it is not needed for normal functioning of your computer, you can stop it – so this is what you can do with jusched.exe, too. Now, you may ask why anyone would want to stop this process and remove it from a computer, if it is not harmful.

Well, some users are complaining about jusched.exe because it seems to waste their memory. They are willing to give up on jusched.exe in order not to spend their computer’s memory on it. jusched.exe checks for updates only once a month, so you can get the impression that this process is not that necessary.

Here are some tips for you. Open the Control Panel and click on Java. Java Control Panel will open and you will choose “Update”. You will see “Check for updates automatically” and all you will have to do is uncheck the box. Next, click “Never Check”.

Another thing you can do is make a task to run only once a month. That way, it will run once a month, instead of every day and your memory will not be wasted.

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jusched.exe errors are possible, so if your system experiences any of jusched.exe errors, you must know what to do. First, you must be sure what it is about. Certain malicious programs often camouflage themselves to look like jusched.exe, especially if these are in C/Windows/System 32. This is why you have to check whether jusched.exe is pest. You can use several methods to do this, but most people use security task manager for verifying the security of their computers.

If you cannot do it yourself, ask someone to help you. However, even if you stop or uninstall jusched.exe, you will have no major problems with your system running. This process is only used for updates checking and many users remove it intentionally. We hope this was helpful. If you have experienced any jusched.exe errors, feel free to share your problem.

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