Jerry Coyne: Why Evolution is True

The book by Jerry Coyne: Why Evolution is True, brings up the evolution question and supports the Darwin theory. It provides arguments why the evolution process is true and good, in fact. According to Coyne, the evolution actually improves the life on Earth and reflects everlasting changes in nature.

These changes are, therefore, quite natural and there is no reason why they should not be considered positive. According to Coyne, proofs that the evolution is real are obvious, so anyone with common sense and open mind should never doubt it. All we need to do is take a look at nature and the world around us. Then we should compare it to what we know about the distant past and we will clearly see the differences when it comes to living creatures on our planet, including a man himself.

Jerry Coyne is one of the scientists who believe in science only. He clams that science cannot be compatible to religious views; faith and science can not ever go together. Jerry Coyne seems to have “faith” in science only. He argues that only science can prove things and solve the ‘mysteries’; everything must be questioned and questions must be answered.

The work of Jerry Coyne is based on understanding how species change and what their origins are. He uses complex scientific methods in his researches, including genetic analysis.

Because of his arguments, Coyne was often criticized. According to some philosophers, Coyne doesn’t really understand neither the meaning of religion nor the meaning of faith. This kind of polemics has always been present among religious people, scientists and religious scientists. Results are almost predictable – there is no final answer. But as long as there are arguments, polemics will go on and those who are interested in these questions will be able to learn more and to widen their minds.

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