IRCTC is an abbreviation that stands for “Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation”. This branch of the Indian Railways is managing many tourism related issues like online tickets and catering.

We will explain each of its services. When it comes to catering, IRCTC is a leader in India. The railways take care of passengers’ needs regardless to the distance they cross. It doesn’t matter how long your trip is – you will get your meals and everything you may need during your trip.

The service of online ticketing was something that IRCTC has known for all across the country. It was actually the first tourism corporation in India that launched this way of ticketing. You can book your tickets by a website form through the Internet or you can use your mobile phone to get your tickets booked by SMS. If you wish to modify anything regarding your tickets or to cancel your reservation, you can do this in the same way.

Another great thing about IRCTC is that people living in suburbs of Mumbai are allowed to get season tickets, also using the Internet or their mobile phones. This is helpful for them and facilitates traveling in great measure. There are also discounts for people who travel often.

The “Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation” has more to offer to its customers. When it comes to tourism, they have deluxe tours not only for tourists who come from abroad, but for Indian citizens as well. Many luxury destinations are in offer and the trains used for this purpose are more than luxurious.

So if you ever decide to go to India try some of these services. According to customers, IRCTC services are provided in very high level and in accordance with the world standards in this branch. Tourism is certainly an important branch of India’s economy, so it is understood that the corporation like this one must be able to meet the needs of its clients, no matter where they come from.

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