Interesting Facts about Venus

Here you can read some interesting facts about Venus. Venus is the second planet from the Sun. It is our closest neighbor. Venus is very bright and you can see it when the night is clear. Venus got its name after the Roman goddess. It symbolizes virtue, beauty and love.

Interesting Facts about Venus

– Venus is a terrestrial planet. Its surface is similar to the surface of our planet. However, Venus’ atmosphere is dense, and it consists of carbon dioxide. That is why there can be no organic life on Venus.

– Venus is bright because its atmosphere has a lot of sulfuric acid, reflecting the sunrays. The temperatures on Venus are very high. Atmospheric pressure is also very high.

– Venus is a bit smaller than the Earth. Its diameter is 650 kilometers shorter than the Earth’s. However, Venus resembles out planet in many ways. But there are some considerable differences. There is not water on Venus, its atmosphere is dense and the temperature is incredibly high.

– Venus has no satellites. Its magnetic field is very weak.

– Venus’ surface has many impact craters. This happens when a meteor hits the planet. There are many such craters on the surface of Venus.

– Venus is called the Earth’s twin sister, because of its size.

– Venus is also known as “the morning star”, but it is known as “the evening star” as well. Ancient Egyptians believed that these were two different celestial bodies.

– If you are wondering who discovered Venus, here is the answer. Pythagoras discovered it, but he believed that Venus revolved around our planet. He made this discovery in the 6th century BC.

– When Copernicus made the Solar System model – that was when Venus was called a planet for the first time. That is why some people believe that Copernicus discovered Venus first.

– Galileo proved that Venus revolved around the Sun, just like Copernicus believed. Galileo was the first to give a good description of this planet.

– The clouds that surround Venus move quite fast. However, Venus moves very slowly. Venus rotates in the opposite direction for our planet’s rotation. This means that the Sun would rise from the west and it would go down in the east. Of course, none of us will be able to see the sunset or the sun rising on Venus. You can only use your imagination.

– Many science fiction movies and books describe Venus as the next place for humans to live in. However, these are only fiction. Human life would be impossible on Venus.

– Do you know that Venus is the only planet that was named after a goddess? All other planets of our solar system were named male figures.

– One day on Venus lasts for 243 Earth’s days. One year on Venus lasts for 255 Earth’s days.

– Now you know more about Venus. This amazing planet is still considered the most romantic celestial body. It symbolizes youth, love, virtue and beauty. Even though there is no life on Venus, this planet symbolizes the most beautiful things.

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